Frequently Asked Questions

Browse the answers to common questions regarding softSWOT Software and Services. If you are unable to locate the information required please Contact Us.

Software Use

Software is provided as shareware with a free evaluation period. This allows you to fully test software function prior to purchase. If the software meets your requirements payment must be provided. Payment allows you to maintain software beyond the evaluation period.

Requirements to use Software

Investment Analysis Software - This software applies the Document Object Model (DOM) and to function correctly your system should include a 5th Generation browser with JavaScript enabled. Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 (Windows 98) or later is recommended, Netscape Navigator 7.0 or later is also supported.

If required you can download a current version browser free of charge from:

Form1 and MailMailer - The php scripting language and mail function must be available on your web server to run these php base software titles. Most commercial web servers support php. For more detail on the php language please refer to What is php?. The only additional requirement is a web browser.

Test Code

When you run the php Test Code on your server it displays a message in your browser and attempts to send an email to the address you provided. If a Congratulations message is displayed but you do not receive a confirmation email message it is likely php is available on your server but the php mail function is not. In this case Warning: mail() [function.mail]: Failed to connect to mailserver... may also be displayed.

Without the mail function php cannot send emails, and MailMailer and Form1 software will not function correctly. Your server host may be able to provide detail on the availability of the php mail function.

If a Congratulations message is displayed and a confirmation email received softSWOT php based software will function correctly on your server.

Software Instructions for Use

Instructions and support are provided in the Help file for each software title. This is available online and in the software download package.

Software Security

Investment Analysis Software always saves information to your computer. If the software is installed on your computer this information is as secure as all other data on your system. When the software is run from a server saved information can be accessed as a cookie by the hosting site. It is recommended that you install and run Investment Analysis Software directly on your computer when maximum data security is required.

Form1 only sends to the email address you set in the php file. This cannot be altered unless access is provided to modify files on your server.

MailMailer emails can be sent by anyone who can access your MailMailer web page. To protect from misuse only provide your MailMailer address (url) to authorized personnel. If desired you can change the name of your MailMailer file and/or locate it in a password protected directory to provide additional security.

How do I Register Software

A Register page is provided for each software title. Simply follow the prompts. Your transaction will be automatically processed and you will receive a Transaction Receipt including Registration Details by email.

Registration Details Not Received

Registration Details are automatically generated and included with your Transaction Receipt email. If your transaction is successful you will receive a Transaction Receipt email from which includes Registration Details from softSWOT. No Registration Details can be provided until the transaction has been confirmed. All transactions are manually reviewed daily. If there are any Registration problems these will be identified on manual review and addressed within 24 hours. If required you can Contact Us, please include your order number.

Version Numbers

The software version number is the last 2 characters in the body of the downloaded file name, it is also provided in the comments within the file, and at the top of the downloaded help file.

Software Support

Contact Us provides form, email and full softSWOT contact details.

Software Modifications

Shareware software is provided in standard formats. If it does not fully encompass all your requirements we offer a Software Design service to provide software specifically matched to your business.

Form1 - Required Fields FirstName, LastName, Email and Subject

You can adjust the form using html any way you like however the fields FirstName, LastName, Email and Subject are used to set the details for the sent email. If these field names are changed the email will be missing some of the details used to send it. But not all these details are absolutely necessary and you can remove them with the result that there will be less detail in the delivered email. If you leave out the name fields and the Subject field the delivered email From address will only have the email address (no name) and there will be no subject.

If required you can pre-set the subject by making it a hidden field in the form and setting it to the required subject. This hides the subject from your visitors and it cannot be changed. Setting a hidden field is standard html. In Form1 to hide the subject open Form1 in you text editor (notepad) and

<input type="text" size="34" name="Subject">

<input type="hidden" name="Subject" value="whatever subject you want">

This will set the subject to "whatever subject you want", and hide it from visitors.

You can also remove the Email field input in your Form1 if you do not require the email address to be submitted. This is done by making the Email field hidden and setting its value with a valid email structure i.e.

<b>Email Address</b><br>
<input type="text" size="34" name="Email"><br>

with something like:
<input type="hidden" name="Email" value="">

This will remove the email from the form display but provide what looks like a valid email address for Form processing to set the from email. This value is only used to set the from email address and is not sent to so it can be anything you like as long as it has a valid email structure.

You can modify Form1 any way you like using standard html (the code structure used to build web pages). To assist with html coding there are many sources of information/tutorials available on the web. A search on should provide a wealth of detail if required.

Form1 - Form details not sent

If your uploaded Form1 does not deliver your form when you submit with a valid email address check the form action. When you view Form1 in your editor the form tag is:

<form action="<?php echo "$PHP_SELF"; ?>" method="POST" name="Form">

The action is php code telling the form to load itself. When Form1 is run on the server and you view source the action becomes the Form1 file name. If the form action is missing the php code may have been corrupted when you edited or uploaded the file. To overcome this you can manually set the form action to the file name i.e.:

<form action="Form1.php" method="POST" name="Form">