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Investment Analysis Software provides the capacity to easily analyze the performance of any investment. It applies basic input variables to build an investment analysis allowing you to compare and forecast investment performance, determine net worth and income streams, identify buy / sell indicators and make informed investment and retirement planning decisions. Full analysis results are provided in tabular and graphical format for easy interpretation and review.

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Investment performance is converted to equivalent current year values enabling the actual investment performance to be determined. Applying this approach allows comparisons to be made between different investment types. It also provides an effective means of projecting investment performance and determining the results of different investment mixes. By developing forecast projections it is possible to identify when investment performance spikes or dips. This acts as a strong buy / sell indicator. By following a sell at the spikes and buy at the dips strategy overall return can be enhanced.

Investment Analysis Software allows you to:

Analysis and comparison of all investment types and combinations is available including:

The ability to consider all investment types allows the performance of each investment to be assessed, forecast, monitored and reviewed. This enables informed buy / sell / hold decisions to be made.

Software and supporting documentation are not investment advice and should not be applied in isolation. As with all forecasting methodologies the results are only as good as the input provided.

With Investment Analysis Software you can analyze current investments held, those under consideration, and investments that you wish to monitor for possible future purchase. All investment types can be analyzed including non-income producing assets like your home. If you build a portfolio of all your investments you can determine your current and future net worth and income streams. This is particularly beneficial for investment and retirement planning. All projection values are provided as both future and current equivalent values providing a true indication of future returns.


Developing a benchmark for investment performance provides a powerful tool to determine optimum investment timing. A regular review (monthly, annually) of current investment performance against your projections allows buying and selling opportunities to be identified.

For example you purchase $10,000 of shares and build an analysis for this investment. You consider the long term Capital Growth of these shares to be 5% pa resulting in an end of Year 1 projected Asset Value of $10,500 (5% Capital Growth). One year after purchase you review your investment. If at this time the actual asset value (share price) is substantially higher than $10,500 a sell opportunity is indicated. If at this time the actual asset value (share price) is substantially lower than $10,500 a buy opportunity is indicated. However these actions should only be considered if you are comfortable with the input variables you applied in the investment analysis and believe that over the long term they remain valid. Also if you sell you need to have a better performing investment in which to place your funds. Or if you add to your investment its future performance relative to alternative investment options should support this.

With investment analysis and regular reviews you can take control of the investment process and maximize overall performance.

You can Try Investment Analysis Software right now directly in your browser without any download and installation. This allows you give it a test run and review its features. You can also Download Investment Analysis Software and install it on your computer. It is available free for 7 day evaluation. When you are convinced of its value you can Register Investment Analysis Software online for just US$58.00.

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