What is a HTTP Header?

HTTP Headers are the request to a server for information and the resulting response. When you input an address into your browser it sends a request to the server hosting the domain and the server responds. You can see the request and response using our basic HTTP Header Viewer. The HTTP Header Viewer can be used to view the Headers or Headers and Content of any valid http:// url. When HEAD is selected the request is for the server to only send header information. A GET selection requests both headers and file content just like a browser request. Information in response headers may include

Content of files that are not text based will be displayed in their encoded form. This means you will not see an image for a gif file but the underlying encoding will be displayed. For text based files including web pages (.html, .htm, .php .asp), Cascading Style Sheets (.css), JavaScript (.js), and XML files (.xml) the file content will be displayed. The content displayed is the same as displayed when using View Source in a browser.

HTTP Header Viewer

Input a full url including the http://. Any valid http:// url is acceptable. This can be used to view the http headers and content of your own web pages or any public pages or files on the internet.

HEAD - responds with HTTP Headers only.
GET - responds with HTTP Headers and Content.

Headers Sent Request

Received Response

Additional detail on HTTP Headers is available at W3 Header Field Definitions.

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