Building a Web Site

Building websites is not difficult. With the right tools and a bit of knowledge it is easy. The following are example applications and techniques you can use to build a valid XHTML dynamic web site with an automated menu structure using the Site Builder Software - Content Management System from softSWOT.

This site is fully developed using the Site Builder Software Content Management System. It is based on the Quick Site formatting and the default Cascading Style Sheet (CSS).

You can build Site Builder Software Site Code for your site using our online Try Site Builder Software or Download Site Builder Software and run it on your computer (you will need files packaged in this download to build your web site). Use the Quick Site function to build Site Code for your web site and within minutes you will have a web site up and running just like this.

This site applies the default basic style but still incorporates a range of features provided by the Site Builder Software Content Management System that are available to a site visitor:

Additional features are explained and demonstrated throughout this site. My Site Builder Styles provides some examples including a Horizontal Menu. Other sites powered by the Site Builder Software Content Management System such as the Panamuna Outrigger Canoe Club site also highlight a range of possible structures, applications and site development techniques.

Specific examples, techniques and applications can be accessed from the menu links on the left. They provide information relating directly to Site Builder Software as well as general web site development.

Why should I Build a Web Site?

There a many ways you can gain an internet presence, and many organisations ready to help you ... for a price. However building your own site, with you own domain, has substantial advantages over having a web developer build a site for you, using a standard a template based site, or setting up a straight blog...

How do I Build a Web Site?

Three basic steps
  1. Select a domain name ie and register it. Registration is often included as part of a web hosting package.
  2. Select a hosting company, for a monthly fee they will provide you with space on their server which is connected to the internet. This is where your web pages will live.
  3. Create and upload your web site files to your host server. If you are using Site Builder Software this is as simple as uploading the Site Code files and adding Content directly from your browser.

To build a Site Code based web site your server host must support php. If you do not currently have a hosting company we use and recommend IX Web Hosting. IX Web Hosting provide a range of reliable and economical hosting packages (from $3.95 / month), all with php support and including free domain registration.

IX Web Hosting IX Web Hosting IX Web Hosting
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